Minister for Ageing and Disability Services, the Hon. John  Ajaka MLC, released the NSW Carers Strategy at NSW Parliament House on 7 August 2014.

The NSW Carers Strategy is a five year plan to improve the position of carers in NSW. Carers are the family members and friends who provide ongoing care and support to people who need it because of disability, chronic illness, mental illness, dementia or frail age. 

The Strategy sets out at a glance the vision for carers and the planned reforms and outcomes for each of the five focus areas: employment and education; carer health and wellbeing; information and community awareness; carer engagement; and the evidence base about carers. It identifies the 16 projects that are the first to progress the work. 

The Strategy was developed collaboratively and will be implemented collaboratively with carers, government, non-government, private and academic sectors. 

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